Kitchen Cabinets - Types and Design

14 Jan

Kitchen Cabinets are the typically built-in furniture found in most kitchens for storage of cooking utensils, food, and sometimes even dishes and silverware for daily table service. Many appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers are also commonly incorporated to kitchen cabinetry. When remodeling a kitchen, the addition of new cabinetry can create a more spacious look, as well as offer a more practical storage solution. The type and layout of cabinets in a kitchen vary depending on the needs of the family; however there are basic units that almost all kitchens have. In this article we will discuss a few types of cabinetry, as well as some examples of how they can be customized. Do check out Northeast Factory Direct kitchen cabinets now. 

One of the more common kitchen cabinet hardware includes hanging baskets or trays. Baskets and trays can be made of metal, wood, clear plastic, or any combination. These accessories can hold containers, pots, pans, cutting boards, knives, scissors, bowls, or anything else you might need to organize. Hanging baskets and trays can also be used to display special recipes or serve food on the dining room table.
Another example of cabinet hardware is the door and window sets. These hardware accessories are usually found in kitchen cabinets but can also be found in pantries and linen rooms. Door sets can either be solid wood, or painted vinyl. Painted vinyl is easier to clean and protect against stains. Solid wood door sets can be custom stained to match your cabinetry's color scheme.
Built-in kitchen cabinets, also called foundation or slab cabinets, can either be solid wood or have the cabinet built into a part of the wall. Slab cabinets are perfect for small kitchens, as they take up the least amount of floor space. They are also a great choice for older homes, as their strong construction and heavy duty construction make them durable and easy to maintain. For kitchens with medium to large sized walls, built-in cabinets are an option. However, they are often found in older homes that need a replacement or remodeling. Go to for cabinet info.

Drawer units are also popular in kitchens, and these functional storage drawers are found in both solid wood and painted vinyl versions. Most drawer units have one or more open shelves and/or pullout drawers, and there are also models with double or triple drawers. The most common use for these types of kitchen cabinets is to store small kitchen appliances and other equipment. However, there are also models that come in a variety of styles and designs, perfect for contemporary kitchen design.
Base cabinets may also be installed separately from the countertop or cabinet side-by-side. These are similar to base cabinets, except they do not have a bottom shelf. As its name implies, its base serves as its foundation, while its sides serve as shelves or doors. Base cabinets may also be installed with solid wood, while others are available in plywood and particleboard construction. However, they have fewer compartments than their counterparts, as its compartments are spaced farther apart, making them less efficient when storing items. Learn more about kitchen cabinets here:

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